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★★★★★ - My son has only been to two sessions and so far he is loving it ! he has already become so confident on his balance bike that he is lifting his feet and speeding down hills! His counting skill and road awareness has improved as well I would highly recommend CycleMe tots. - Hannah


 ★★★★ - My 2 1/2 year old boy has just finished his first six-week course and he absolutely loves it! Both Chris and Sarah are great with the kids; encouraging and supporting them in their development. My little boy has become more proficient at balancing, sitting on the bike, steering and understanding simple signs and he always looks forward to his cycling sessions which are fun and clearly aimed at this fun age Thanks for helping to make daddy’s hobby really accessible for little boys too!Kelly


★★★★Luciana has been doing a cycling course with CycleMe Tots and has become so much more confident on her bike as a result!  🚴 We'd really recommend them. 😊  - Emily


★★★★ - My Daughter has completed a six-week course of lessons so far with CYCLEme TOTS and I intend to sign her up for more. She is always super enthusiastic about going each week which is so lovely to see. She is gaining confidence each week on her balance bike and the classes give her the opportunity to perfect her skills and do so in a fun interactive way. Chris and his wife Sarah make each class fun, educational and interactive and offer each and every child lots of encouragement. I would highly recommend this class. - Teresa


★★★★ - My 2-year-old had never even sat on a bike before starting these classes! Now he has his own bike & loves whizzing around on it at every opportunity! Friends are always impressed by his skills & confidence & he has only attended for one term so far. Chris is a great teacher & my son has made new friends too.Jen


★★★★ - My just turned 3 years old absolutely loves coming to the sessions. Having previously not been too keen on group activities and tried many different ones she absolutely loves going to CycleMe tots. She loves wearing the jersey and if it’s going to be a bike day on another day insists on wearing it then too. It has increased her confidence in riding and helped her progress to ride a pedal bike without stabilizers too. The staff - Chris and Sarah are so lovely. They make the sessions extremely enjoyable and plan a lovely mix of having the same activities at the beginning as a warm up and different interesting activities for the rest of the sessions with various different pieces of equipment such as bike ramps, balance beams, cones etc. There has never been a session she hasn’t thoroughly enjoyed.Angela


★★★★  - Matilda's been going for a term so far and she loves it. She has grown in confidence and gets very excited when she knows she going. The couple that run cycle toys are really lovely and helpful. Would recommend Cycle Tots for any active toddler.Rachel


★★★★ - My daughter Dorothy loves cycle tots. Her confidence is growing every week and she is gradually mastering how to use a balance bike. Chris is very good with young children and always makes the seasons fun and exciting for the children.Hannah