CYCLEme TOTS Strider Race Rules

CYCLEme TOTS Race Series Rules for Strider 12” and 14X


  1. Parents or guardians are responsible for complying with the rules of the event.
  2. Only genuine Strider Balance Bikes are permitted to be raced at the event.
  3. All riders must have their own Strider Bike to compete on.
  4. Parent or guardian must sign the safety waiver and register before riders enter the track.
  5. Parent or guardian must provide proof of age of each rider before racing begins.
  6. All riders may be assisted on the start only. Only one parent or guardian limit in the starting area.
  7. Parent or guardian must not make any contact with bike or rider at the start of the race.
  8. Parent or guardian are not allowed on track during competition.
  9. At a minimum, every rider will be allowed to run at least one practice lap and have 2 races.
  10. HEAT race selection and starting position will be determined by registration date and time or random lottery at CYCLEme TOTS discretion.
  11. Age group determination is based on riders age on the day of the event.
  12. One age group will go through their entire race programme starting with a riders' briefing and ending with the awards ceremony. This age group will then clear the track and the next age group will begin their programme.
  13. The Finish line is reached when the front tire of the bike is ridden across the finish line as shown in Image A.


  1. Parent or guardians are responsible to make sure that bike and rider meet the following safety rules:
  • Bikes must be properly maintained and in good working order.
  • Bikes must be properly fitted to the rider with final decision being made by the CYCLEme TOTS official.
  • Seat and handlebars must not extend beyond their minimum insertion lines.
  • All nuts and bolts must be tightly secured
  • All grips must be in good condition with no sharp edges.
  1. Modifications of the bike frame or its fork are not allowed:
  • Stock wheelbase required.
  • Use of stock wheel-mounting locations are required.
  • All axles must use a cap nut or have threads covered.
  • Axles must not extend more than 20mm from the fork.
  1. Brake systems of any kind are not allowed and must be removed prior to any bike inspection and race. (Unless racing in the 14X categories)
  2. Aftermarket components such as wheels, seats and handlebars are acceptable (with the exception of brake systems) but are subject to safety inspection and approval by a CYCLEme TOTS official.
  3. All riders must wear a helmet at all times while riding. The helmet must display that it meets the CPSC, DOT, SG, CE EN or similar safety standards.
  4. Shoes must provide full toe coverage and be securely attached. No slip-on shoes or sandals are allowed. Only rubber soled shoes are allowed. No cleated or spiked shoes are allowed.
  5. Parent or guardians: Your child’s health, comfort and safety are your responsibility.
  • Please dress your child appropriately for the activity and weather conditions. We highly recommend long trousers and long sleeves for skin protection.
  • In order to prevent injuries from falling, we highly recommend your child wear elbow pads, knee pads and gloves to protect joints and hands.
  • Remember to keep your child nourished and hydrated throughout the event.
  1. Any protest regarding race results must be completed within thirty minutes of the finish of the related race. Official decisions will be made and conveyed within thirty minutes of the protest.
  2. 14x Sport Bike must be in balance bike mode only. No pedal kits are allowed.
  3. All CYCLEme TOTS Officials decisions are final.