CYCLEme TOTS Strider Balance Bike Trade In Programme

At CYCLEme TOTS we like to progress our Little Tigers from Balance Bike to Pedal Bike as soon as they are ready and this can be a fast process with our proven activity programme.

We definitely see a faster transition when children have a bike at home to practice our games throughout the week in between our classes and we have all the Strider Bikes available through our store.

When it comes to then progressing from the 12" Balance Bike to the 14X Balance to Pedal Bike CYCLEme TOTS can exclusively offer a Strider Bike Trade in Programme whereby customers can trade their 12" Strider 'Classic', 'Sport' or 'Pro' towards a Strider 14X*

An example can be seen below based on a good condition trade in bike but for the current trade in prices please contact us HERE.


CYCLEme TOTS Strider Balance Bike Trade In Progrmme

*Terms and conditions apply for quality of trade in bike. Strider "Classic' up to 2017 model. Strider 'Sport' 2018 onwards. We reserve the right to refuse trade in bike. Please contact us for more information.

These genuine Strider Bikes are part of our Strider Trade In Programme and have been checked for maximum quality for resale.

Minor scuffs or marks may be visible - please see images for more detail or email us HERE.

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