Strider 14X Sport Balance To Pedal Bike

Strider 14X Sport Balance To Pedal Bike

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'The Game Changer Learn to Pedal Bike' Chris Mollison Director CYCLEme TOTS

The Strider 14X 2 in 1 Balance to Pedal Bike. 

The Strider 14x Sport opens up a new world of adventure and gives your child confidence and riding skills from the age of 3.

Revolutionary as two bikes in one, the 14X is a new standard as the best first pedal bike for children 3-7. It will create the foundation for instant confident, riding success. Once your child has mastered riding the 14x as a balance bike, they are ready to pedal.

The included Easy Ride Pedal Kit attaches quickly and then stand back and watch your child seamlessly transition to riding a pedal bike and accomplish this life-changing milestone!

Strider has been developing this product for many years, through prototypes and testing by eager 3- to 7-year-olds. The 14x is the next evolution of Strider Balance Bikes. The Strider 14x has been designed to grow with your child (fits inseams 40 - 58 cm [16 - 23 in]),



The 14X is the perfect convertible balance bike. Starting out in balance mode, you can quickly and easily add the pedal kit once your child is ready. The bike also comes equipped with a front and rear brake.


Quick and simple conversion means changing from balance to bike mode can be done in a matter of minutes.


Removable footrest, allows to smooth riding in balance mode.


At just 5.5kg in balance bike mode, rising to a mere 6.9 in pedal mode, the 14X is light and portable to take anywhere.


Specially designed for two purposes; the first so they fit a child’s foot. Secondly due to the narrow nature they allow a child to stride around them.


Padded seat to allow for comfortable riding position and posture. Includes a long seat adjustment to grow with your child.


A soft polyvinyl grip that gives protection and comfort. Includes hand operated front and rear brakes.


Lightweight and durable, the polymer headset bushing will provide years of smooth steering.


Protectors your little rider from any chain accidents whilst also keeping the chain and gears clean from mud.


The 14" wheels are the ideal size for children aged between 3 and 7.

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